Why choose CAPgro?

Whether you are an owner or investor in multi-family renovation projects throughout the United States, CAPgro Construction Management is your best choice for partnering with you to make each and every project you engage a success.

The CAPgro Advantage


CAPgro considers every client a new opportunity do develop a lifelong partnership. Creating a relationship with our clients is imperative to who we are and establishing a healthy business relationship.


Over the years, CAPgro has developed proven, sustainable and repeatable construction management methodologies and processes that consistently deliver successful multi-family renovation projects.


CAPgro utilizes its collective buying power to provide direct procurement and delivery of key materials effectively passing these items through at cost; resulting in savings that typically more than offset our project management fees for the entire project.


Over the years, CAPgro has built strong partnering relationships all across the US with engineers, designers, and contractors that also specialize in multi-family renovation projects. They know us, and we know them. These established partnerships enable us to mobilize quickly and efficiently to get the project underway.