Project Selection

While there are many potential “opportunities” for multi-family renovation projects in the national market, the potential for overall success and maximizing the owner/investor’s ROI can vary substantially between projects.


CAPgro works closely with the acquisition teams of our clients to perform a project feasibility assessment to help determine the right project to add to their portfolio of investment properties. Our many years of renovation experience in the multi-family segment uniquely equips our team to provide expert counsel regarding the potential costs of the project.


Using our proven due diligence process, CAPgro evaluates all available information about the property. Next, drawing from its established relationships with designers, engineers, architects and contractors, a due diligence team is formed that will conduct an onsite due diligence visit.


CAPgro’s Construction Managers will lead the effort to help shape the client’s unique vision for the property. The objective is to define the three critical components that will determine the overall success of the project, referred to as the Triple Constraint of Project Management: SCOPE, BUDGET and SCHEDULE. In fact, these are the three deliverables that will be produced during the due diligence process.


The ‘window of opportunity” for acting on an acquisition is often limited. CAPgro’s due diligence process is designed to produce these deliverables within 7-10 business days. And, the goal is to define these deliverables to within 10% of the final result at project completion.

The advantage of this detailed, up-front approach to our clients is very clear. A strong, and reliable due diligence effort sets the stage for all that will follow in the project, and establishes a sound foundation for the renovation work to begin. Expectations are clear, and as result, project risks are minimized.