Project Management

Throughout the entire project life cycle, CAPgro serves as the Client Advocate providing project oversight making certain the best interests of the Client are continually being addressed. Our Construction Managers follow sound communication policies and project management methodologies that hold everyone accountable for meeting the criteria for project success with regard to SCOPE, BUDGET and SCHEDULE.

Project Life Cycle


  • Assisting Clients in determining project feasibility and selection
  • Development of the Client’s vision for the property
  • Planning and execution of CAPgro’s Due Diligence process to quickly establish the scope, budget and schedule


  • Project prioritization and scheduling including immediate repairs, sequencing of work based on dependencies and predecessors, and development of the critical path
  • Design, RFP and Scope of Work development for the Invitation to Bid, Contractor Selection and Onboarding processes
  • Permit management and Pre-Construction Meetings


  • Exterior building, site improvement and amenities projects
  • Interior renovation design and development of mock units
  • Efficient management of interior renovations to optimize revenue
  • Change management, work inspections, invoice approval, lien releases
  • Project progress tracking, issue reporting and resolution


  • Final inspections and punch list management, confirmation of closing of all open permits,certificates of occupancy and documentation for final draw package
  • Collection and assembly of all warranty documentation provided to property management
  • Post-Project review and evaluation with Client and documentation of lessons learned for Project Management Knowledge Base