Project Accounting

CAPgro’s Finance Team works side by side with the Construction Management Team to provide the full range of project accounting services for our clients. Experienced Project Accountants are paired with the assigned Construction Managers for each project. They provide field support and detailed, systematic reporting throughout the entire life cycle of the project to keep it within BUDGET.

Project Life Cycle


  • Validation of Preliminary Acquisition Budget and establishment of the final Renovation Budget
  • Establish AIA Progress Draw Management Process and management of Working Capital accounts


  • Onboarding of contractors and vendors
  • Maintaining contractor and vendor compliance (licensing, insurance, lien releases, etc.)
  • Tracking of committed costs of contracts to each line item in the Renovation Budget


  • Systematic, detailed project level tracking and reporting
  • Complete processing and payment of all Accounts Payable to contractors and vendors
  • Complete management of Working Capital
  • Direct purchasing of key materials to drive down costs
  • Collaboration with owners and lenders for complete processing of all AIA Progress Draws


  • Auditing, processing and submission of Final Draw
  • Creation and archiving of final project file
  • Final reconciliation, reimbursement and closing of Working Capital accounts